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. CONCLUSION * What we did to our project was, we make some measurement of our Material on how long or in other way what are the specific height and weight of each of them. So after that we determine also that we need to do it carefully and according to what we plan on it. * And after these things happen we we’re thinking what was our main goal to this project, so we discuss again or talk again about this project and then we discuss what our main goal and we found out what was. It is all for our own good, so we decided to become united while making this project. * When these things happen, we did some research about this project and what was the best material that we needed to fully make it and then we make some list on it, and also we did some research about the product that we’re going to use in this project and what are the things that sweet Corn can serve. * Deliverable? It is the overall solution structure and approach that meets the goal and objectives of the project. And the answer to the problems given to the team to solve. Also services include in sweet corn and levels. Any service that is identified or designed by the team must be in terms of it’s description. Service level also must measure and a saleable pricing includes pricing principles for services beyond Sweet Corn. * The main reward when this project success? We’re thinking about that lately and we found out that we will be soon a successfully business man and woman and a success graphic artist. Also we can offer this project to those who want to build a business like this and we can offer our own design if we succeed this. * When we also done of planning of how we can make this project, by our research process and make things step by step according what we plan, one thing that we settle was ”Stick to the Plan” and we will

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