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I mistrust the judgment of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned. ~ Daniel Webster. To an extent I agree with this quote, but some arguments I have say otherwise. To a degree a man’s judgment can be trusted if his intentions are altruistic ones, but the pervasive issue still remains in that it is human nature to see flaw in others hopes to make a conclusion in which may or may not be true. The purest judgment lies in those who expect no results and thoroughly analyze the conclusion they wish to understand, disregarding judgments about selfishness due to one who’s own wishes are concerned. Those in which are quick to judge will make the decision a person is not being genuine in the words he says due to his own wishes being involved. Whereas looking into the judgment, as well as the person stating it, and realizing whether or not that person is wholehearted and genuine, disregarding their wishes in the statement, and realizing that what they are saying is reasonable. Others will automatically look past whom that person is inside, and will assume conclusions in which will make the person seem self-centered, or stating a judgment for his own good. In a metaphorical term, we gain a lens, in which allows something to be more thoroughly understood. By removing ourselves from this area of our negative, quick to judge thoughts, we can perceive something through a clearer lens which reveals details which may have been previously unseen or assumed upon. We all hope though, a person is not saying persuading arguments for his own benefit. We must use our own opinions to determine our decision. Either way could make the judger or the person giving the opinion look bad, so it is almost dangerous. I believe we must always go with our gut instinct on what is right. If we see a person as someone who is doing something for him or herself, we
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