Daniel Pinter Analysis Essay On 9/11

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Daniel Pinter Analysis essay on the Patriot Act PDA 1/10/14 What: A tool against terrorism. A response to 911. How: Despite the last 200 years of case precedent which expanded the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, the USA PATRIOT ACT greatly expands the power of law enforcement including given the FBI and other law enforcement agencies the power to search people's homes, financial records, and…show more content…
Consequently to the 9/11 attacks, the United States Government made significant modifications to what is surely considered to be one of the Countries most significant and important documents that has stood almost in tacked for over 200 years. Accordingly, our generation has earned the distinction of experiencing one of this century’s most important controversy. Therefor the debate of weather or not the Bush administration and congresses actions were un-American will go on, for possibly ever. Though no reasonable person can dispute the need to give the authorities we task with keeping our precious children safe from extremists who want nothing more than to see us dead, the tools they need to do what is seemingly an impossible job. Therefore, our modern day Jefferson’s and Franklins are guaranteed to have notched their place in history for acting so quick as to pass such big and heavy bill faster than any legislation has ever been passed before. In order to give our protectors such as the FBI, certain liberties, to keep new technologies such as the internet from being used against us, we needed to pass laws that fly in the

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