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Background Daniel Patrick Mannix was an Irish born, on March the 4th 1864, in Charleville, County cork. (Death: 2nd November 1963,) He was educated in ‘Irish catholic brothers School’ and also at ‘St Patricks college, maynooth seminary’, where he was also announced priest in 1890. Mannix’s first journey in Melbourne begun in 1913. He had served as the archbishop of Melbourne for 46 years and is known to be the longest serving archbishop of Melbourne, (He was the most influential public figures in the 20th century.) Mannix came from a background of farming, along with his 3 brothers and one sister who grew on to do medicine, law and farming, unfortunately he was a brother of 8 with only 4 siblings remaining the 4 of them died as babies not knowing how life was like. His mother was the former Ellen Cagney and his father, Timothy Mannix, was a prosperous tenant farmer. The influence that was brought upon…show more content…
He quickly became the main spokesman in Australia for the Irish nationalist movement Sinn Fein. During World War I he campaigned openly alongside the Labor party against conscription for the armed forces, and by the end of the war he and the Catholics who looked to him for leadership had become a powerful influence on the Labor party in Australia. Australian Catholic Action originated in Mannix's Melbourne diocese in 1937 and developed into one of the most efficient and highly organized systems of Catholic Action in the world. In World War II Mannix was more prepared to accept the justice of the Allied cause than he had been in World War I, and he supported the "Food for Britain" campaign that was organized in Australia. There is now a statue that represents the goods that Daniel Mannix has done for us right outside St Patrick cathedral in Melbourne’s city.

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