Dangers of the Online World Essay

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Anasara Gamez Instructor Sakry English 1301 4 December 2014 Dangers Of the Online World During this day and age the younger generation is becoming more dependent on the Internet not only because it provides all kinds of information for children but it also helps with everyday tasks. The internet has a lot to offer not only for adults but also for children, the internet helps with many things from online shopping, typing papers, getting homework done, and also most important communicating with people. The Internet may be useful in many ways but it can also be one of the most dangerous tools used in society today. Children in this generation are developing faster then it seems, they are starting to become more involved in online chat rooms, blogs and many other social networking sites, such as the most popular sites Facebook and twitter. Two things are being done by parents, one is they are either becoming more involved by monitoring their children; or they are letting them do what they want and leaving it up to their children thinking they know what they are doing. Parents are blinded not thinking that the Internet is a very dangerous place for kids and they are also not realizing that their kids could be at risk by engaging with online sexual predators. Now a day’s is when parents need to be more engaged and aware of what their children are doing online so that children are not at risk of becoming prey to online predators. With that being said parents need to take precautions. In society today anyone has access to the Internet from teenagers to adults and every single person runs the same risks, not only do people in the United states have access to the internet but people from all over the world do to. This being said, the number of online and sexual predators has increased quite significantly and many people are not aware of the circumstances.

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