Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana Essay

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Substance abuse is a common issue in our society, and there seems to be new types of drugs that were sweeping the market. People are constantly seeking out drugs that are easily accessible, inexpensive, and legal. Synthetic marijuana was a fairly new substance which could be found almost anywhere, and was not a hassle to obtain. This substance produces a high, similar to well known, non-synthetic drugs (Thrasybule). To users, it seemed as though synthetic marijuana was a safe alternative for getting high, because it was legal for a while, but it was actually the exact opposite. The drug is very dangerous to people’s health which a lot of people didn’t realize it the beginning. It also became popular and mainstream rather quickly amongst American teens because it was a cheap way to produce a strong high and it could not be traced in drug tests, unlike natural marijuana and other well known drugs. (Thrasybule). Users need to be aware to the fact that synthetic doesn’t mean that a drug is safe and no drugs should ever be considered safe to use (Thrasybule). Side Effects Out of all the drugs used across America, synthetic marijuana wasn’t on the radar until 2010. In a recent study, 11% of high school students say they have experimented with the drug commonly known as “Spice”, or “K2” (Gupta). What was supposed to be a legal alternative to marijuana, turned into something more dangerous. Synthetic weed is one hundred times more potent than natural marijuana (Camp, RN). Like natural marijuana, spice affects the brain by creating euphoric and psychoactive effects. Unlike natural marijuana, spice is sprayed with chemicals that can be toxic to the human body. Such toxicity, can produce dangerous side effects like tachycardia, which is an unusually fast resting heart rate (Camp, RN). Other reports have shown additional side effects include excessive sweating,

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