Dangers of Self Diagnosing Essay

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Statistics You should know * An International report suggests 46% of people who search for health information online do it to make a self diagnosis” (CTV News, 2011, pp.1). * “According to a 2009 Pew poll, 61 percent of Americans use the Internet for medical information, and other recent studies have shown wide levels of increased anxiety triggered by this habit” (Peterson, 2012, pp.12). * The site CouponCodes4u.com conducted a poll of 1,957 of its visitors over 18, as part of research into attitudes of Americans toward healthcare. Almost three-quarters — 74% — said they have tried to diagnose themselves using online sites instead of visiting a doctor first. So how'd they do? * Of those who acknowledged they had tried to diagnose themselves online rather than consult a doctor first, 52% said they were "panicked" by the result. * In all, 68% of those that set out to diagnose themselves decided to visit a physician instead of taking Dr. Google's word for it. (Healy, 2011) Delete text and place photo here. Delete text and place photo here. Enter Contact Information Here | 1127 Lombard Blvd. San Francisco, CA 59802 | phone 555.555.5555 | fax 555.555.5555 At Risk In today’s world of technology, a vast array of information can be readily available with a simple touch of a button. Unfortunately when it comes to finding medical information for a particular illness, internet users are increasingly relying on self-diagnosing, rather than obtaining advice from a medical expert. High among these users are women. These women are of a lower socioeconomic status, too busy, single working mothers, children, and elderly women with or without husbands, or those who cannot afford insurance. REFERENCES * CTV News. (2011, March). Physicians Warn of Perils of Self Diagnosing From Internet. The Canadian Press. Retrieved from
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