dangers of peer pressure

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Dangers of Peer Pressure One evening while I was waiting in line at a theater to pay for my movie ticket, I overheard a group of girls trying to decide what film to see. It seemed that they all wanted to see one of the R rated films. The youngest of the group, who was not 18 years old, kept pointing out the other options, and it seemed to me that she did not want to see the R-rated film. The group kept saying “It’s supposed to be hilarious, and anyway we all know you have a crush on Owen Wilson, and you’ll have so much fun. This theater does not check ID, so you won’t get caught.” The young girl reluctantly agreed with her friends with a sad “I guess you’re right.” It seemed to me that she did not want to be a party pooper, so she caved to the pressure of what the group wanted. The group either did not understand or did not care that she probably did not feel comfortable watching a movie with nudity and cursing, and this poor girl is not alone. Nationwide, 60% of teens under 18, sneak into movies with their buddies, often because they want to appear “cool.” However, although we all want to be liked, giving in to peer pressure is not always the cool thing to do. First, peer pressure can lead to many different unhealthy habits which can harm yourself and even the ones you love. Smoking is very bad for a person’s health, but so many smokers are fooled into thinking it will make them look cool. Studies from Yale show that 50% of smokers in the USA developed their habit from a family member or a friend that persuade the person to try it. In restaurants, the law requires that the wait staff get a 30 minute break for every 2 hours of service. This is a nice law, but unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to non-smokers. The rules for most businesses are that a server, even if on a break, cannot be sitting around without purpose, so basically, this law pressures the

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