Dangers in internet classrooms

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Dangers of Internet Chat Rooms The internet chat rooms are very dangerous for teens and adults. There are men’s that are perverts online looking for innocent women just on there for fun. They can lure you into a private chat and have you on web cam looking at everything you done telling you to do naughty things. They could in a room with a whole bunch of men and they are just looking at whatever you are doing. You should never give your home address or telephone number over the internet. The person that you give it to can look you up and find you and probably try to do something bad to you when they find you. That's why some internet chat rooms are not good to be on. You can't trust people these days it is a very dangerous world. "How you can tell your child may be a victim (or is being preyed upon) by a computer sex offender? If you experience the following you have reason for concern: Spending long hours online, phone calls from people you do not know, child turns off the computer when entering the room, reluctance to discuss internet activities." You should have security codes on all internet chat sites especially MySpace that is a very bad place for younger kids to be. Never let your child be online without supervision this is very crucial they should be monitored all the time while online. People are not who you think they are people online make up characters to be. There are all kinds of people on the web some you can trust and some you can't some are prettifies and some are just on there to have fun. "Tips for protecting children and yourself from being harmed by on online chatting. Tell your children to never give their number out online, never agree to enter private chat rooms," never agree to meet anyone in person that is very dangerous you don't know what that person is up to or what they have on their mind. Never share web cams on yahoo the person can
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