Dangerous Youth Sports

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Youth sports in recent years have become much more important. They have become more intense, more competitive, and more violent. And this is just in the stands. Parents have become more and more intense with their children’s sports. Parents have corrupted childhood games with bribery, abuse, attempted murder, and even successful murder. Though these things seem ridiculous and impossible around the sensitive bubble that is youth sports they have all occurred. In San Francisco, a parent put ipecac into his son’s bottle before a football practice, intending for his son to give it to a teammate who had been picking on him. When the team ran out of water, they shared the poisoned bottle, and eight of them were sent to the hospital. Another parent, Wanda Holloway, was convicted of hiring someone to murder the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival. One coach, in Pennsylvania, paid a player on his tee-ball team to injure fellow seven year old player because he is autistic, and the coach felt that Harry was bringing down the team. Though these are extreme cases the practice of adults ruining sports for their kids is not uncommon. Youth leagues have set up background checks on coaches, which helps the situation, but as seen from the examples above, more of the downfalls in youth sports occur from parents than from coaches. Some suggest that keeping score in kids’ games puts too much emphasis on winning or losing and takes away from the real goal of youth sports, fun and development. This could be argued to translate to the parents as well. If the neither the kids nor anyone else are worried about the score or winning it would have to take some of the competitive drive out of the parents as well. However, the theory of removing competitive sports doesn’t necessarily help with parents. In Reading, Massachusetts a man was murdered after a pickup hockey

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