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Dangerous dogs The following paper is going to take a close look at the three different texts: “Police back new law on killer dogs”, “Jail owners of killer dogs” and “If the dog is dangerous, the owner will be, too”, and describe the different opinions presented in the texts. The next section will contain an analysis of language being used in text 3 “If the dog is dangerous, the owner will be, too”. The paper will be ended by a discussing of weather any of the texts offers solutions to the problems of dangerous dogs. After many conversations with different chief constables, the chief constable Bernard Hogan-Howe has decided together with the other chief constables that they want to discuss the current legislation about dangerous dogs. Bernard is a part of the police force who investigated the death of the five-year-old girl, Ellie Lawrenson, who was killed by a pit bull terrier. This is just one of many examples of humans being killed by dangerous dogs, and the chief constables want to avoid that the number of people killed is going to rice. The current legislation is very confusing, and because of the Dangerous Dogs Act, a lot of owners are putting their dogs down, even if they are not dangerous for their surroundings. That is why the chief constable suggests this new legislation, that say that it is not the dogs that will be punished, but the owners. The owners can also apply for their dogs to be removed from the banned dogs list, without involvement from the police or the court. This legislation is also being backed by the Kennel Club. They want a legislation based on “deed not breed”. They think that the reason why there is so much confusion about the current law is because only few people can really put a definition on what characterizes an American pit bull. The RSPCA agrees with the Kennel Club. A spokesman from RSPCA says: “We don’t believe certain

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