Dangerous Confrontation Investigation

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Dangerous Confrontation Investigation

This assignment will identify and describe the procedure and how it occurs in my clinical practice. Following there will be a critical analysis that addresses the history of this procedure and how has it developed over time, what policy/protocols underpin the procedure and what evidence is available to support the use of the procedure in clinical practice. Also this assignment will address the purpose of the procedure in the delivery of psychiatric services, the role of the procedure has in my practice area, the implications of the procedure for the patient/consumer, the role it plays in patient-centered care delivery and the implications of the procedure for mental health nursing practice.

This assignment will also suggest on dangerous confrontation that took place at my placement. It will portray how dangerous confrontation investigation is integrated in the care delivery of people experiencing with mental health issues specifically from a nursing viewpoint. I will also endeavor to discuss the disadvantage and the ethics of contemplation and evaluate care delivery in a further organized therapeutic method. Bandman and Bandman, (2002) imply that in order to examine an incident we need to ponder analytically, reflecting on our opinions, viewpoints, approaches and usage of semantic. Gamble and Brennan, (2000) imply that understanding amongst contemplation and dangerous opinion to be constructed on contemplative opinion.

John’s Reflective Cycle, Pearson, A., Vaughan, B., Fitzgerald, M. (1996) will also be described in this essay to provide the reader a strong understanding and examination of the occurrence, emphasizing the management of risk as a main concern. I will also stress the day-to-day dangers, which mental health nurses encounter in relation to the principles, procedures and practices that monitor them. All names

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