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During my first week of college, I made the poor and juvenile decision to run away from the police. Not only did I run, but also when I was caught they found my fake ID in my wallet. The night began as an innocent ritual, but escalated into something very dangerous and wrong very quickly. I ran from something that police would not have even been mad about. It is never a good idea to carry a fake ID or run from the cops because of the many dangers (Potentially Fatal) that stray along with these acts. Firstly I should have stayed right where I was when the cops pulled up the night of the incident. I should have stood in there best sight and stood still until I was approached, but I followed my poor judgment and ran. This act was dangerous for me, and especially the cops who were just trying to do their jobs and keep Norman a safe town. There are many things that could have gone wrong, and I am very lucky that none of them did happen. If the cops feel like they are in danger or threatened, they have the right to shoot. If coincidentally, fireworks had started going off nearby, the police could have thought those were gunshots. The police could have shot in my general area and shot one of my friends or me. That is just an example, but I could think of many scenarios in which the police would feel obligated to shoot or use some kind of other force. Also, we are lucky that an owner of a house didn’t hear us in their yard and feel threatened. That night, we were running through peoples yards and hiding anywhere we could. It would have been very easy for a homeowner to see us and feel threatened by us. In reaction they also could have shot us. Another danger could be falling and breaking a leg or injuring ones self in any way. The night of the incident it was very dark, and I could not see what was even twenty feet ahead of me. There were many tree branches, hills,

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