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Introduction I. Being told that your child has a life threatening medical condition can be scary and heart wrenching. II. In February of 2009 my 2 month old son was diagnosed with Dandy Walker III. Children with Dandy Walker have many leaps and bounds not only with medical issues but with developmental issues as well. Body I. Dandy Walker is a rare genetic disorder A. complex congenital brain malformation 1. Involving the cerebellum and the fluid filled ventricles around it a. Occurs during embryonic development of the cerebellum and the 4th ventricle 2. According to the National Organization for Rare disorders Dandy walker occurs between every 25,000 and…show more content…
Is more frequently in females then in males (Transition: So you might be wondering what the symptoms of Dandy Walker are?) II. Most common symptom is Hydrocephalus and most severe A. According to the Hydrocephalus Foundation Hydrocephalus is an abnormal build up of the brain’s normal cerebrospinal fluid 1. This build up can cause the head to increase in size. a. If not treated the increased pressure can cause neurological impairment. b. Hydrocephalus can only be determined by getting a MRI or a CT 2. There are many other symptoms associated with Dandy Walker that are not that severe. a. Slow motor development, jerky eye movements, bulging at the front and back of the skull (Transition: You might be wondering like I was if there is a cure for dandy walker?) III. There is no cure. 1. However you can treat the symptoms that are associated with Dandy Walker. a. Hydrocephalus can be treated by surgically placing a shunt into the brain to drain the spinal fluid from the brain into the abdomen Conclusion I. In conclusion Dandy Walker is genetic disorder that can affect the brain causing build up of fluid, developmental disabilities, and death. II. Dealing with a child with Dandy walker is not only emotionally hard but can be financial difficult. You have to have a lot of time and energy to care for their

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