Dancing Skeletons Essay

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Chapter 1 1. In bambara culture, greetings’ are much more elaborate than in American culture. It is customary to not only say “hello”, but to ask many questions of the person being greeted. Also greetings are a sign of politeness and respect, Higher status people will be expected to receive longer greetings. 2. Being able to speak to the native people will give you better first hand knowledge. For being able to travel around and eating, you need to know the language. Chapter 2 1. Bambara – Farmers; tamasheq – camel herders; Fulani – cattle herders; bozo - fishermen 2. By going native, you become engulfed so quickly in the daily routines that it’s easy to take things for granted and not study the outlying effects that have pushed the people in these daily routines 3. Many people receive medical attention from herbologists, (medicine men). The nearest hospital is almost too far away to make it easily available. Measles, malaria, upper respitory infections and diahrrea are the most common diseases. Chapter 3 1. Female circumsison is mostly just the removal of some of the clitoris.. a. Clitoridectomy – removal of entire clitoris – most common in mali b. Infibulations – clitoridectomy plus stitching together labia majora to close vagina 2. The rationale is that it is just culture and tradition. That is the only way they know it so there is no problem with it. Most females do not have time to worry about sexual pleasure. Anthropologists view it as a way for males to control female sexual behavior. Chapter 4 1. Schistosomiasis is usually transmitted by playing, bathing, or swimming in infected water. Some symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and fatigue. 2. Many people use a “pit latrine” , which is just going to bathroom in a dark hole and you are unable to see the waste. 3. His pee had always been red and all of his friends urine is the

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