Dancing in the Dark Essay

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This essay will be discussing Ditty’s ambitions and ideas about ballet and her parent’s point of view about how she should conduct her life. The essay will also be about the reasons that Ditty lied to her parents by continuing her attentiveness in ballet. Being in a Heradi Jewish family, Ditty’s life revolves all around her religion. There are certain rules that she must follow, things that she must do and things that she must not. Haredi Jewish girls must follow all of these rules until they reach 12 years old that is when they have a bat-mitzvah which is a ceremony for welcoming them into the Jewish world of adulthood. For example, they can only eat kosher food, they weren’t allowed to watch T.V. and on Saturdays (Shabbos) they must go to shule (a Jewish place of worship). The religion of Ditty’s family is the main reason why her parents did not want Ditty to be learning ballet, because it does not have anything to do with her religion. When Ditty first mentioned ballet to her parents, her father’s first response was “And what sort of preparation would that be for the Olam Haba?”-page 50, so this suggests that her father, being the extremely religious man he is, only wants what he thinks s best for his children, and that is being the best Jew that they can be as he said “You were put on this Earth for a reason, to be the best Jew you can be.” - page 237 Looking at things from Ditty’s point of view, it is evident that she wants to become an independent young women that does not need her parent’s approval for everything. She says “I’m too old for you to tell me what to do.” and “I’m not asking for permission.” both on page 238. She doesn’t like the fact that her parents are always controlling her and wanting her to live by the commandments of the Torah and her religion. “If you leave now, if you set foot out of that door, you are not to come back home. Do you

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