Dance Your Heart Out Essay

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There are two types of viruses. The bad ones and the good ones. Bad viruses are just a touch away from ruining one’s day. Why even technology is a click away from catching a virus. Most good viruses are unheard of but there is one that has the power to draw in people and take their energy away from them in just minutes. I know what you are thinking, how is that good right? Well that’s why I am here- to inform you about the power of this great virus called dance. Commonly found at social gatherings, dance brings entertainment and energy into the room. It can join to fighting armies and even brings peace to chaos. The origin of dance probably started when dinosaurs roamed the earth, evolving over thousands of years and getting complex in nature. Even though dance moved from tribal rituals to the robot, the passion still remains the same. There are over 20 types of dance, each from a different era from a different culture. My personal dance is the type originated from India. Each little state in India has its unique style of dance, whether it is classical or folk. The most popular and ancient of them is Bharatnatyam; Originated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Bharatnatyam is the mother of all classical dances in India. Each hands signs and facial expression convey cosmic relationships and expressions of the world. Even Darwin would agree with me when I say that the evolution of dance is the most fascinating subject. In America, dance evolution started with the introduction of jazz-they grew up together and influenced each other and could not exist without each other. As styles of music changed from jazz to present day R&B over the years, so did dance evolve from the cakewalk to the jerk? The world of dance is vast and has the power to spread faster than the speed of light and affect more people than the Black Plague. A Wiseman once said Dancing is freedom. So don’t

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