Dance Reflection Essay

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Donald Byrd’s production “The Theatre of Needless Talents,” was an intense and at times disturbing experience. The music and the dancers combined really gave homage to the composers who wrote the music during their struggles with the holocaust. Through out the show there was a wide variety of painstaking symbolism that at times were obvious and others inconspicuous. Different emotions were portrayed during different times of the performance that gave heavy influence on the message being spread. The performance was powerful but there were things I did not love about it, as well. Overall, it was a great performance but it is not one I would prefer to see a second time. While reading the program, I noticed it mentioned the performance was to give allegiance to those composers who wrote the music during the holocaust. The music was the main aspect of the show. The music was not there for them to dance to; I believe that they danced for the music, to emphasize its sounds and meaning. The different movements displayed and emotions portrayed by the dancers gave me vivid images of the way the composer felt, as though their sheet of music were a page from their diary. I believe the music was the most important aspect of the performance, even more important than the dancers, although one could not be emphasized without the other. The music was the most important symbolism through the whole performance but there were many other forms of symbolism that took on a heavy meaning. In the beginning a woman lavishly dressed in all black clothing and wore expensive looking necklace, opened the curtain for the show to begin. She sat on a chair through the first half of the performance, and during the second half she walked out but then returned towards the end once again. I believe that she symbolized a Nazi wife who had strong feelings for the prisoners during that time, and
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