Dance Keyshla Monologue

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Hi, my name is Keyshla, and I’ve been dancing off and on with !ACCENT! Dancers for seven years. This is my 8th year! I’m happy to say there will be no more on and off for me. I am here to stay! All the experiences I’ve had with Ms. Melinda have been fun, challenging and thrilling! I’ve always had so much fun in my dance classes! It’s just the right place for me to have fun and let go. I really need that now as I’m in high school and there are more challenges than before. Ms. Melinda pushes me to improve my technique and increase the difficulty of my dancing. Trying new things led me to places I never thought I could go and chances I never thought I would be able to get. Ms. Melinda has given me so many chances and opportunities. I really appreciate

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