Dance Is an Art Form Not a Mating Ritual

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The dictionary defines dance as "an artistic form of nonverbal communication" (dance). As Christians we have always heard that dancing is immoral; that dancing only led to one thing- sex. Although this is the general belief, many people find the art of ballet, such as The Nutcracker to be tasteful. Dancing embodies passion, grace and poise. Dancing is not just a mating ritual as we have been told; it is a story that is too good for words. Dancing is a way to communicate with anybody no matter what language they speak or how old they are. It is a way to cross barriers and touch souls. Many people over time have argued as to what the true nature of dance is; some people think it is an expressing of culture, others say it is a spiritual medium and some cynics even believe dance is only a mating ritual. Contrary to what these people have argued, dancing has been used as a form of art for centuries, not just a mating ritual. As an Adventist, the writing of Ellen White is viewed highly. In her book, Messages to Young People, she takes a very harsh view of dancing. Ellen White believes that no Christian should be caught dancing; that Jesus and dancing can not exist together. In Ellen Whites’ eyes, dancing is only used for “self-gratification” and will lead down the “path of dissipation” (135,136). She does not distinguish between the types of dancing which leads many Adventist to believe that she is referring to all types of dancing. So where did this negative view of dancing start? It certainly did not begin with the Bible because there are 27 different mentions of the word dance listed. Throughout the Bible dancing is used to portray joy, sorrow, even a spiritual connection with God. In the Bible, David said “Let them praise His name with dancing, and make music to Him” (New International Version, Psalms 149.3). The only negative connotation the Bible puts on

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