Dance Critique Research Paper

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Dance Production Critique You are required to hand in a two dance performance critiques this year, one per semester. The performances chosen must be seen in this school year. At least one of your critiques this year must be done on a professional dance company. Your critique MUST be accompanied by your ticket stub and a copy of the program for the performance. The critique should be a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, using no larger than a 12 point font. Set up your critique as a formal essay. Include an introductory paragraph. Use formal language and provide specific examples to support your comments. Be sure to structure your essay into well organized paragraph, one paragraph per topic. Also include a closing…show more content…
Staging • Describe the lighting, set design and costumes. How were these elements used in the production? Dance Critique Rubric Not Discussed Zero Marks Briefly Discussed One Mark Thoroughly Discussed Two Marks What genre of dance was performed? How did the movement reflect the genre of dance? Describe the music. Did the music support the style being presented? Was there a storyline or was there an overall theme or feeling the choreographer was trying to portray? Did the movement support the storyline or theme/feeling? Be specific. Describe the technique needed to execute the style or movement correctly. Did the performers meet your technical expectations? Give examples to support your comments. Were there any outstanding dancers? If so, what made them outstanding? Was the composition effective? Did the choreographer use space well? Was there a variety of levels/patterns/formations/movement pathways? What choreographic tools did the choreographer use? Canons, unison, repetition, call & response, spatial patterns, etc. Were transitions used effectively? Describe the movement vocabulary. Was it dynamic & inventive? Where you attentive throughout the production? Why or why
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