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Dance Critique

  • Submitted by: mwieser
  • on May 1, 2012
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A Journey from Paquita to the Present:   A Collection of Classical and New Choreography

Mid-Atlantic Ballet’s dance exhibition took me by surprise the Friday evening I attended their performance.   I was sure when I purchased tickets that it was a professional production.   I sat down in the audience and was very confused by the small turnout of a crowd until I realized that this was in fact, not a professional production but instead what looked like high school and middle school dancers.   My friend and I were very pleased with the show and would certainly purchase tickets to see it again.
The opening act was a classical piece with music taken from the Spanish ballet, Paquita that consisted of both group and solo portions.   The girls wore pointe shoes and were appropriately adorned in black and red tutus resembling petals of a flower with red roses attached to their buns to give a Spanish setting to the performance.   The music consisted of rapid Latin twangs and also hit some deep, slower beats as well.   Knowing the background of the ballet Paquita, these changes in tempo represented the struggles the young Gypsy girl, Paquita, underwent throughout her life.   This was also conveyed in the choreography of the piece and I was impressed by the impeccable technique exhibited by the dancers.   On the high points of the music there were lots of momentous leaps, tour jetés, and rapid pas de borrées accompanied by clean double pirouettes.   Heads were aligned with shoulders and hips; if you were to take a picture of the stage with the girls in passé, it would show perfect form with their toes resting at the notch of their knees whilst not inhibiting their balance on the standing leg.   There were little portions of choreography added in to help the audience keep in mind that this piece was based off a Spanish ballet.   For instance, one of the soloists ended in a pose like that of a bull rider waiting for the bull to race out of the chute.   Pique turns were done diagonally...

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