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nce Concert DANC 185A ADDITIONAL CONCERT CRITIQUE INFORMATION And NOTE-TAKING ASSIGNMENT SHEET DUE IN CLASS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30 1. Select one of the two concert dates to attend TRD Dance (in Norfolk), and purchase tickets (in advance if possible): - October 26-27 – 8 PM “Todd Rosenlieb Dance Studio Concert Series” – Benjack Studio Theatre @ TRDance Center Downtown Norfolk – Tickets: $25 Students: $15 – 2. Attend the concert and retain your program and ticket stub. Print out the two sheets below and take them to the concert. Fill out the note-taking assignment sheets, describing one dance from the first half of the show, and one from the second half. If you take good notes, then writing the paper is much easier! You should type up your paper as soon as possible (to keep it fresh and remember more). I will NOT accept handwritten assignments. Page Setup -- 2 pages, paragraph format, typed double-spaced, TimesNewRoman 11pt, 1 inch margins. Writing more than 2 pages will NOT raise your grade!! Please do not discuss the concert with anyone in DANC 185A. This assignment should be completed independently. The point is for you to form your OWN ideas about movement and dance. 3. Please turn in the following in class, by OCT. 30 (not in my box): 1. Critique Paper (2 pages) 2. The Note-taking assignment sheet below 3. The program and ticket stub. The critique and the note-taking pages MUST be stapled together, with the critique on top. The header should read as the following example (putting in your personal info, of course): ADD’L CONCERT - TDR Dance Concert YOUR NAME Dance 185A – Fall Semester, 2012 UIN:00123456 4. Grading: I will consider the following criteria in grading your assignments: - Is the assignment on time

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