Dance Acceptance Speech

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Good evening honourable judges and my dear friends, I have no words to describe how I’m feeling at this very moment. The feeling of joy is overwhelming. Thousands strive to even get an opportunity to perform on this prestigious platform. I consider myself privileged to have received this wonderful chance and especially blessed to have won this competition. A year ago, when I told my friends that I wanted to audition for Dance India Dance, I was mocked, ridiculed and laughed upon. That’s when I told myself, I can do this. The only persons who had faith in me were my pillars of strength, my parents. Without wasting a minute of my time, I enrolled myself at a dance school. I can never forget the person who inspired me to reach for the stars, my dance guru and mentor Terence Lewis who truly believes that the Prime Focus of dance is spreading joy. Dance has helped me overcome stage-fright and has let me break away from the shackles of being a shy and restrained person. I owe this victory to each one of you people who voted for me through SMS. Without your votes, I would have never made it to the top 5.…show more content…
I would like to donate half this amount to the ‘Step Up Foundation’, which aims at providing the economically backward but talented children dance training along with shelter. With the other half, I would like to start my own Dance Studio. The competition was quite unnerving and emotionally stressful. Pleasing the judges was challenging at times but I’m glad I could withstand all this and emerge victorious. Winning this competition means the world to me. I thank God and thank my parents for letting me live my

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