Dance Appreciation Works a Foot Essay

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Works-a-Foot It was the first snow day of the holiday season and the Montclair University concert made its second night showing at the Memorial Auditorium. Works-a-foot, had its second performance Saturday night, and with Mother Nature at her best, nothing could stop the audience from coming out to support these dedicated dancers and performers talents. I being one of them, choose to see this piece of dance for a couple of different reasons. Montclair has always had my interest to be one of the top schools that I would hope attending for my master’s degree in dance. After seeing this performance, and taking their diverse studio classes over the years, it has helped to give me more insight into their dance program and performance quality. Its eight pm and the concert is getting under way. The first set titled “Negro Spirituals,” was designed in (1928-1942). This piece was staged and recreated by the Labanotation score by choreographer Elizabeth McPherson. I found this dance recording method to be very interesting to me; learning about it this semester in dance history and being able to see how the finish product turned out. I was very delighted with the outcome, as it was entertaining and targeted too many different audiences with its diverse talents that it produced, such as the powerful song through ought the piece. Although this was not the type of piece I would audition for, the deep rooted southern soul was both compelling and pleasurable to watch, as it also added an animated twist to the program. The next piece titled “Without Words,” was a scene from out of a video game. The female dancer’s fun and matching Raggedy Ann apron outfits, brought off a challenging demeanor to the viewing audience. I think that the dancer’s costume was what made this piece so convincing and the audience was able to better understand the message the choreographer

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