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Report #2 - African Dance This dance is very upbeat it has deliberate and sharp movements there is a lot of stomping with high knee action. There are a couple solos in this piece. It starts with a young girl that does a few kicks and does fast powerful arm motions extending them front and back in unison with her kicks. They also are dancing to drubs that is the music. The next dancer does a quick change of feet with arm movements that go to the front then move to the side. She does a lot of head bowing to the music which is reoccurring throughout the piece. Then another dancer comes from the side and has a very quick stomp with both feet with wild hand and arm movements as well as a lot of head bowing and head movements to the side and down. Then the whole group joins in on the stage. The all do a similar move of head bowing and arms going up with the head coming up, then they move to a almost jumping jack type movement then spin around as a group. They continue as a group they are wearing yellow costume very simple yellow cotton like fabric. They all have different costumes but they look similar very original to African dance, simply made costumes. They are barefoot with no shoes at all. They have scarves on their heads. They have the drums and drummers on the stage in the background, the music was very upbeat and quick and

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