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Dance Improvisation I October 5, 2011 Crisol Danza Teatro de Guadalajara I decided to attend the Crisol Danza Teatro de Guadalajara performance titled “Clepsidra, Tiempo y Agua”. It took place at the McCullough Theatre over in Austin at the University of Texas at 8 pm, and was about 1 hour in duration. The company performed almost about 5 dances describing “Tiempo y Agua”, meaning “Time and Water”, that through their movements they are “described as a perfect flow of body, motion, word, mind, spirit, voice, dance, and theatre”. [Texas Performing Arts Program, pg. 28] “Crisol draws from a variety of acting and dancing techniques to create distinctly unique performances”. [Texas Performing Arts website,] As soon as the show begins the auditory becomes pitch black, allowing the audience to have a clear view of everything that is occurring on stage. I, myself, had a hard time understanding the story that was being portrayed through the dances on stage because there wasn’t any set up at all that could lead the audience into a personal conclusion. The dancers’ costumes seemed a little complicated, but in fact, there wasn’t much to them. In the first part of the show, the two youngest dancers, Gabriela Cuevas and Meztli Maria Robles Covarrubias, wear a tan, skin color tone booty shorts and top, with some sort of knotted, rope overlay. In the Second half of the show, they wear a ballerina dress. Their hair appears to be in a half ponytail, but not brushed, instead, messy looking as if they had just woken up. The older woman, Claudia Herrera Navarro, performs with a knee length skirt and a rope overlay the entire show. The only men that we see perform is Marcos Garcias, who wears a pair of really short shorts the entire show as well. The three women appear to be wearing white base with a red line going across their eyes, but

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