Dan Quayle Speech

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In the ‘’Address to the Commonwealth Club of California’’, Dan Quayle imperceptibly conveyed during his speech that the members of the diverse ethnic groups, specifically, the black communities of the inner cities, are to blame for the riots and need to be better controlled or else they will become a weakness for the country. To do so, he coerced an influential, wealthy and patriotic audience into believing that the black were wreaking havoc over the United States. In order to regain stability, he manipulates the crowd by subtly setting aside the black underclass and proposing solutions that will permit a better control of the group such as reinforcing the importance of family structure, personal responsibility and social order. In his speech, Quayle describes the black members of the underclass as being a separate entity from the US society. He speaks of solving problems for them not with them. For example, Quayle states; “we can start by dismantling a welfare system that encourages dependency and subsidizes broken families.” The way he articulates his solutions indicates that he clearly sees the blacks as a handicapped people. Thus, the white man must parent the black people as a father does his son. Quayle shows dexterity in using religious belief to influence his compatriots that the black man should learn to be like the white man. He says: “we are as our children recite every morning, one nation under God.” The Vice-President desired the black man to be assimilated in some sort and to respect the white man for his unseen ability to rectify all difficulties. He longed for unity not diversity. His demeanour is both patronizing and condescending in disguise. The use of the pronoun “we” is easily identifiable as pertaining to the white society and “them” to the black society. Whether it is a problem concerning crime, welfare or family structure, Quayle
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