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Dan Quayle A term of discussion 9/19/2008 Wingate “Let’s Go Get’em!” What a great way to start the next four years of what will be the hardest time for Dan Quayle and his family (Quayle 17). But saying that only an hour after being asked to be George Bush Sr.’s running mate in the 1988 presidential election, he was more excited than a game show contestant (Quayle 16). Dan Quayle will now be known for not only being the second youngest member of congress but also as the first “baby boomer” to be on the presidential ticket (Gustainis). The points that I want to make about Dan Quayle is that he was a vice president, a very competitive politician in his home state, and a sloppy delegator. Dan Quayle was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 4, 1947 (Gale). He was the son of James and Corinne Quayle and the grandson of Eugene Pulliam, the founder of Central Newspapers Inc., a national chain…show more content…
In 1976, with no political experience, he ran as a conservative Republican against Edward Roush, an eight-term incumbent Democrat, for a seat in the House of Representatives and won, becoming the second youngest representative in history. Quayle proved himself to be consistently conservative on all significant votes, enough so that the National Conservative Political Action Committee helped him in his bid for re-election, as they had in 1976. Much was made of Quayle's poor attendance record in the House during the 1978 campaign, but the bad press did not affect his popularity and he won by an overwhelming majority (Gale). In addition he had children which he always made time for them. In 1980 Quayle ran for a seat in the Senate against another incumbent Democrat. This time his opponent was 18-year incumbent Birch Bayh, whom he also defeated. Quayle had no difficulty winning reelection to the Senate in 1986, but being picked for vice president would change his term around (Gustainis, Quayle

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