Dan Patrick: a Critical Thinker Essay

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Dan Patrick: A Critical Thinker Critical thinking has been the foundation for many great success stories throughout history. There are several elements to critical thinking. Critical thinking begins with the desire to improve what we think and asking the right questions (Browne and Keeley, pg. 2). Critical thinking requires analysis, evaluation, and research (Barnet and Bedau pg. 10). Critical thinking is disciplined thinking that requires an open-mind. Another element to critical thinking is intellectual curiosity (Barnet and Bedau, Ch. 1). Other values of a critical thinker include but not limited to: autonomy, humility, and respect for good reasoning (Browne and Keeley, pg. 11). Dan Patrick, a sports anchor, demonstrates the qualities of a good critical thinker in several ways, which are evident through his past work. First of all, an example of a critical thinker is Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick has done many jobs in the world of sports and television like being a writer, reporter, anchor, as well as several acting roles. In addition to all of these past occupations, Patrick is currently host of his own radio and television show, as well as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and an anchor for NBC’s Football Night in America. Indeed Dan Patrick has done many things in broadcasting, which he was able to pursue by majoring in broadcasting and journalism at the University of Dayton located in Ohio. In order to achieve critical thinking, one must begin with the desire to improve what they think and ask the right questions. One of the main reasons why Patrick has found success as an anchor, writer, and television host is because of his ability to really break things down mentally by asking himself and other the right questions. By doing this before he has been able to be better prepared and entertain audiences more than other broadcasters have. It is clear that

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