Dame Van Winkle versus Rip Van Winkle

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Did Rip Van Winkle changed through out the story and why? Washington Irving is the first American literary humorist, who has also written the first modern short stories. One of his best known short stories is “Rip Van Winkle”. It’s about a man, who one day goes into the Kaatskill Mountains and after drinking some liquid falls asleep. When the protagonist wakes up he learns that he has been sleeping for twenty years. In this essay I am going to analyse what caused Rip Van Winkle to change. The main character was having difficulty finding himself throughout the story. His wife constantly nagged at him probably all in good reason. In this story Rip was portrayed as lazy man who did not want to do any type of work, at home or at work. He was said to be useless on his farm, his land and property falling to pieces. However, Rip should not be believed to be a sluggish man. Rip’s laziness could be interpreted as an attempt to avoid and, at the same time to object his wife, Dame Van Winkle. It is shown in the way how Rip is being loved by the villagers: he always helps his neighbours to do various jobs, plays with children and dogs are not barking at him. Furthermore, the nagging of his wife is what led to Rip’s escape into the Kaatskill Mountains. Once up there he took in all the beauty that surrounded him. To him this was heaven; away from everything, including most of all, his wife. It is noticeable that the author uses many words to describe the scenery such as “magical” to distinguish the scene or “lordly” to describe Hudson River (this is to reflect on its magnificent size, especially from his view). When the protagonist describes the other side of the mountain he uses such words as “far down, deep, wild, and lonely”. It sounds like Rip’s interpretation of what his life is now. At this point he was faced with the question of where to go? Should he go back down to
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