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Nancy Barrios-Ochoa COUN 100 MW 04/18/2011 Damone Hale, Esquire Damone Hale is a San Francisco based attorney who is really focused on the community. He was born in Compton, California, where he lived with his adopted family. His mother saw that he was going to go down the wrong path and did everything she could to keep him out of the juvenile criminal system. She placed him in Hollywood High School, away from his “home boys” and had him focus on school. From there he learned about who was a good influence for him, and who he should stop hanging out with because they would get him in trouble. He is now an attorney with a B.A., M.P.A, and J.D. He is in charge of a lot of different youth programs in the San Francisco community because he really cares about keeping kids out of the judicial system and setting them down the right path. He feels that sports help motivate kids to compete among themselves both physically and academically. He started track in high school and he attributes that and his good relationship with his family to his success. I think Damone…show more content…
I think that this is a good example of teamwork and how it can help the community. They say power corrupts, but his friend helps out and cares for those less fortunate and this story made me feel better about the rich people because it shows that they still care about the lower class people. I think that Damone Hale should come back for future semesters because for students who want to be lawyers or attorneys that this is a good person to learn about the trade with. He’s someone who isn’t corrupted and he has a lot of experience with criminal cases. I personally didn’t get much out of his lecture because I’m looking to be a counselor, but I think he’d be very inspiring person for those who are interested in law or for those who don’t have a

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