Dalman Lei Unit 6

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How can Lei and Dalman apply the four step control process outlined in the text to address the problem of misreporting hours? Setting performance standards Lei and Dalman have their hands full with this issue of the manager adding hours to an employee’s time sheet. This situation of what is to a lot of people considered “theft” has brought attention to them. This has made them realize the handbook and polices are not up to date or well revised. They need to start by implying the four step control process. The first step is to set performance standards. This is where Lei needs to look at other businesses and see how their practices and standards are. This would help her to see what they are missing or doing wrong. She needs to update the employee handbook. She needs to let every manager aware of this new version of the book along with all the staff. She could set goals or competitions for the employees so they would earn an incentive and try harder every time they are at work. Measuring performance Measuring performance is the next step. This is the process the managers review data and analyze which people are lacking compared those staying on the ball. This is a great time to do evaluations on the employees. This would show those who need to correct some actions will be aware, and those who are doing great will be rewarded. Either way there should be an incentive for all. The way she could go about this step is to go to each store herself. She could evaluate each worker individually. This is where she could pay attention to detail on each person. She could see what they need to fix or what they are doing great. In the end of this she would notice how things are being run from the employees, and how the managers are assisting. Comparing performance The third step is comparing the performance. This is where Lei and Dalman need
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