Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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Cody Smith English 1301 September 5, 2012 Descriptive Essay #1 While passing through the largest retractable door in the entire world, I realized this could only be one place: Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The crunch of the Astroturf under my feet sent a wonderful sensation throughout my body. Only a true fan of football would understand this feeling. As I looked up and studied the magnificent architecture of the building, I noticed the historic Ring of Honor. The bold white letters around the ring proudly showcased the names of several Cowboy greats. The kickoff time was quickly approaching, so I decided to find my seat. I finally found my lone seat, out of the eighty thousand the stadium held. I was seated at the median of the stadium, the fifty yard line. In my opinion, there wasn’t a better seat in the house. As soon as I sat down, Americas Team sprinted out of the locker room, and onto the bright green field. Their jerseys were pure white, almost as white as snow. The fans were beaming, and full of excitement. The electricity in the air was powerful enough to make a grown man cry. As the game began the sea of blue and white only got louder and more passionate. Men of all ages shouted and cheered for their respective teams. Fans stared in amazement at the sixty yard jumbotron that showed instant replays. The pristine quality of the picture amazed all first time attendants. As the minutes dwindled, the PA announcer had to speak louder and louder, just to be heard over the roar of the crowd. As the game clock ticked down to twenty- two seconds, the pure white jerseys were now stained green and brown from the turf and dirt. This building is truly a great place to house the Dallas Cowboys and the game of
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