Daisy's Dream In The Great Gatsby

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After Gatsby lost Daisy five years ago to Tom Buchanan, his mission was to bring Daisy back into his life again. He goes to extreme lengths to earn himself a fortune, by bootlegging and additional illegal jobs. He finally gets the house that he desires, or rather the house he believes Daisy will admire, and fills it with objects chosen specifically for the tastes he believes Daisy has. Gatsby’s Gothic mansion is located right on the other side of the bay, across from Daisy and Tom. Gatsby throws lavish parties, swarming with people he barely knows, the kind of people Daisy would want to be seen with, even better, the kind of people Daisy might know. Gatsby creates this superior class life for himself, the life he wants to have with Daisy.…show more content…
Nick wonders if this actual person could ever be as wonderful or as magical as Gatsby's design of her. After numerous years of not seeing Daisy, Gatsby had placed her on a pedestal that she cannot possibly live up to. Gatsby had not realized that the woman of his dreams may only exist in his dreams. The language in this passage is used to portray the way Gatsby’s mind has affected his vision. The thoughts he has shaped are not what the actual reality is. This quote describes Daisy “tumbling short of his dreams” signifying that his high standards are something she can’t reach. The flawlessness he has created for her is nothing like the genuine Daisy that she is and in the novel you have an insufficient idea of her actual personality. This is not her fault; but because of the enormous development of his “creative passion” it is nothing she can become. The “ghostly heart” means a lonely or dark heart. Gatsby has misplaced the love he once had in his heart with his new dreams of fortune. By saying “no amount of fire or freshness”, Nick means all the dreams that Gatsby has can’t be disrupted and nothing can get in the way of his dreams. Tom, Nick, Jordan, money, love, hate, jealousy, or even trust can’t stop what feelings are already present. Nothing can take the place of what is already in his heart and the feelings in his heart are so strong that nothing can even compete with
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