Daisy Miller Essay

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Ángel Pérez Martín DAISY MILLER "American girls are the best girls!"—this is Winterbourne’s first impression of Annie P. Miller, the main character in Henry James’ work Daisy Miller, as she calls herself. She is a beautiful young American woman, traveling through Europe with her mother and her little brother. This essay will discuss the protagonist’s personal value system and her relationship with her mother, Mrs. Miller, in order to analyze her personality in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Daisy was a young woman, sincere, without malicious intentions nor an ounce of evil within her—with Daisy, what you see is what you get. Her independence and flirtatious nature also made her stand out. This attitude could have been considered the norm in American society at the time, but it was not very well-­‐perceived in 19th-­‐century Europe. We could then ponder the values considered appropriate for one place yet inappropriate for another. Daisy did not have a clear picture of the rules of

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