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Le’Sha Jean-Francois Mr. Feeser AP Lit 14 January, 2012 Daisy Miller Essay In “Daisy Miller by Henry James” Winterbourne was characterized to be Europeanized. In a European society, people are stricter in the way they view others. Winterbourne lets cultural surroundings shape psychological and moral traits, by analyzing and observing, especially Daisy. This novella concerns the contrast between American and European societies in the. It is focused basically on about the effects of social status. The most crucial characters of the story are Winterbourne and Daisy Miller. These characters have extremely different characteristics, because controversy appears between their cultures in the story, especially between Winterbourne and Daisy Miller. In the story, Winterbourne represents the European culture; he comes from a certain family and Daisy Miller represents the American culture. We can understand the issue about the difference between Daisy’s and Winterbourne’s social situation and culture better, if we observe both these characters. Daisy Miller, who is the heroin of the story, depicted as a young and beautiful American girl in the story. She is enchanting, forthright, independent and strong-minded. She refuses the norms of European society. She is very rich. She is not interested in the ethnic of her country. Winterbourne is an American, but he has been raised in Europe. He is acquainted with the culture but has been in Europe so long that it has caused him to become a European of his own and he finds that his once American ways/culture is gone. Winterbourne is forced to see society in a different way especially with Daisy. He gives her a chance to prove herself. So he takes time to observe her inner and outer side. Eventually Winterbourne is put in a place where he has to judge Daisy and she might not be so innocent after all. She starts to show

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