Daisy Miller Critical Analysis

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Michael Szucs English Daisy Miller In the United States there are 50 states combining to make a total population of over 300 million people. Out of that 300 million, there is an endless amount of different social ethics, cultures, races and religions that are being practiced. As you travel from the united states to a different country, your encountering for the most part an entirely different culture and population with their own different ethics, religions and practices. Being out of your comfort zone and away from your everyday reality evidentially has an influence on how you act and the decisions you make. It is very important to make sure you understand the rules of ethics before traveling to a foreign country, Henry James very well portrays this scenario in the short story Daisy Miller. Daisy Miller is a wealthy American girl who was traveling through Europe with her mother and younger brother when she first met the young American Winterbourne at the Trois Couronnes. It was love at first sight and their scenario of both being away and alone in that garden didn’t lessen the tension. Winterbourne is a man who likes being able to classify and categorize people, and he doesn’t know how to classify Daisy. His inability to read and understand Daisy makes him all the more curious about her. Her spontaneity and impulsiveness intrigues him yet her lack for social etiquette makes him question her intent. "'She is completely uncultivated,' Winterbourne went on. 'But she is wonderfully pretty, and, in short, she is very nice. To prove that I believe it, I am going to take her to the Chateau de Chillon.' 'You two are going off there together? I should say it proved just the contrary. How long had you known her, may I ask, when this interesting project was formed? You haven't been twenty-four hours in the house.' 'I had known her half an hour!' said

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