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In the novel “Daisy Miller” there are many significant characters, but we have two important characters that are very significant throughout the story, Mr. Winterbourne a young American man who went to school in Geneva and spent most his life in Europe, and then we have Daisy Miller, who the book is about, she is a young lady from Schenectady, New York who has father who is a wealthy businessman. She came to Europe with her mother and brother Randolph, and is a very social with everybody especially men. While she was in New York she had a lot of men company and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Daisy’s free-spiritedness and individuality reflect the social movement of the American middle-class. Mr. Winterbourne was a very respectable man in the Europe and culture and adapted their habits, losing his “carefree” attitude of the average American. These two characters jumped out of character quite often. “Perfectly aware, a young man was not a liberty to speak to a young unmarried lady except under certain rarely-occurring conditions (James 393). Miss Daisy also showed uncharacteristic when Mr. Winterbourne let her know that his aunt Mrs. Costello did not want to meet with Daisy, “She doesn’t want to know me! ... Why don’t you say so? You needn’t be afraid!” (James 402). Mr. Winterbourne also had a very calm demonor to him, but he seemed to have lost his cool at Miss. Daisy funeral when he was speaking to Mr. Giovanelli when Mr. Giovanelli commented on Miss Daisy character, “The most innocent” (James 428) Mr. Winterbourne felt sore and angry towards his comments and snapped by saying “Why the devil did you take her to that fatal place” (James 429). Miss Daisy also fell out of character when she showed concern to know whether or not Mr. Winterbourne believed that she was actually engaged, showing that she actually might have had strong feelings for Mr. Winterbourne. “Did you

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