Dairy Queen Essay

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A fifteen year old girl named D.J., lives on a farm in a small town called Red Bend, Wisconsin. Red Bend’s neighboring town is Hawley and they compete against each other in everything especially sports. When D.J.’s father hurt his hip, he could no longer work on the farm until he had surgery. D.J. took responsibility of the farm and started slacking in school and had to quit basketball, volleyball and track. The Schwenk’s family is very athletic so this was very difficult for D.J. to do because she was known as the “star player” in her school. One day, Jimmy Ott sent Brian Nelson, from Hawley High School, the football quarterback, over the help with the farm, Jimmy Ott is friends with the family therefore he understand their struggles. D.J. was forced to train Brian over the summer and get him ready for football for the upcoming season. After hanging out everyday in the summer, she started to get romantic feelings for him. She always looked at herself as a cow, but now she is finally feeling like a normal human again. As Brian and D.J. were having a water fight, her best friend Amber shows up. Brian leaves and D.J. and Amber start to argue. She saw Amber at a party and Amber confessed she had been in love with D.J. for two years but D.J. had no idea, Amber isn’t so friendly anymore because D.J. definitely did not feel the same. D.J.’s older brothers, Bill and Win, both play college football. The family didn’t have much money, and the only way she would get into college was to get a scholarship like her brothers did. She decided that she needs to find her happiness. She decided that Brian and football make her happy and she wanted to try something new and try out for football. When she went and talked to the coach, he brought up her failing class the past year and she ended up working it out with the teacher and finishing the class before football started. It was

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