The Dairy of Lady Murasaki

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<BR>Early in history, the male gender has been the dominant force. The male aristocracies has been responsible for producing the writing, arts, and architecture, "which is traditionally consider to be humanity's historical legacy." However, the "silence voice" will not remain silent, because historians have sought them out. Due to the fact, historians have sought the "silence voice" we have been able to learn more about women history. One way they made it possible for us to learn about it is by writing books such as The Dairy of Lady Murasaki. <br>The Dairy of Lady Murasaki is a paramount historical document that marks one of the major turning points in women's history. The book has great insights into the 11th century of women experiences at the court of the Japanese emperor. This is significant because during the height of the Heian Period (794-1192), which Lady Murasaki lived, Japanese had no writing system of their own. Also, it was considered improper for a woman to know how to write Chinese, the writing system Japanese used then. Men were not happy. They wanted to "keep the language of bureaucracy in male's hands." This however, did not stop the women of Japan from striving for success. <br> Women went on and developed the written Japanese language. This was the first attempt woman made in Japanese history, and in their quest to become the "sound voices" instead of the "silence voice." One can compare these women to the famous black man Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass had to struggle to learn to read because his slave master did not want him to. Nevertheless, we saw that the more they tried to prevent him from learning, the more he strove for success, just as these women. The Japanese Women did not stop after the development of the written Japanese language. They went on to write poems, prose, and dairies, thus proving to the males that they

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