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Problem II: Dairy A. List the strengths of this feeding program. 1. The ration consisted of high quality forage and grain mixture. a. High quality haylage with 22% CP and 29% ADF b. Grain mixture with appropriate minerals, protein, energy, UIP, and buffers. The chopped alfalfa hay was included in the ration to provide increased dry matter in the diet, while the alfalfa haylage provided crude protein and ADF. Whole cottonseed adds high energy, protein, and fiber, while wheat millrun provides high energy. The steam rolled, ground corn is a high-energy feedstuff that is more easily digestible due to its processing, which also serves to stimulate ruminal microbial protein synthesis. Peas are a source of high crude protein, soybean meal provides high protein quality with high undegradable intake protein. Animal fat increases the energy in the diet, limestone as a source of calcium, and salt to provide sodium and chloride. Sodium bicarbonate is a buffer to avoid digestive upsets by keeping the ruminal pH at an optimal level. Added vitamin A & D and selenium to ensure adequate levels in the diet, and finally molasses to stimulate ruminal microbial protein synthesis (to improve protein utilization). 2. Easy access to water, ad libitum. There is always water available to the cows in a spot that is easy to access, and protected from the weather. 3. Good management practices. a. There is always someone present to keep an eye on the cows. b. Veterinary care is provided as needed. c. Sanitary conditions (prevent illnesses such as mastitis – none were seen) d. Constantly available water & feeding practices are strictly adhered to. 4. Sheltered areas for food and rest. a. Soft, clean bunking areas that are protected from the weather. b. Feeding bins are covered to prevent weather damage. 5. No competition for food. Each cow has her own feeding bin, and

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