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June 13 As I couldn't made to university yesterday, as well most of my friends, my submission of the assignment of god was to be today. My friends who were present in the English class yesterday told me that there would be no English class whole week and as most of the student didn't showed up like me she didn't give much of work and asked of submission next week. The whole day went idle and I came early to have some rest of the cruel weather. June 5 Like any day, today wasn't that special. Just I had to give presentation to Ms. Nadia. I got late handling my chores at home and reach at nick of time for the class. My presentation was with Rehan bhai, so the first thing I did was to search for him and found him in the class preparing for the presentation. He was sick of the flu. It was quite frightening that could he do his presentation fine or not. But he assured me that nothing will go wrong he is good. the next thing happened was my class CR, he gave the class the order to give the presentation in Ms Nadia's office and we went ASAP. We were fourth in queue. As I am not a good speaker, when our presentation started and my turn came up I forgot the lines. As this was our test Rehan tried to continue but Ma'am made me carry on. By Allah everything went well. At least went enough well for me. At the very end Ma'am said to keep my spirits high and should try to be better speaker. After the assignment Ma'am asked our CR for the distribution of the NTS papers and told us about the final paper. May 29 Today as like any other "normal" day there was nothing special. Didn't much chores in University either just English presentation and Computer class. The presentation was to be held at lecture hall but instead we found Ma'am was waiting for us in the architecture department and she had started the presentation. I went on finding my co speaker. Taking him to

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