Daily Show Analysis

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On first glance, Jon Stewart looks like any other news anchor. He wears a suit like many journalists and sits behind a desk. However, after watching a few minutes of The Daily Show, the viewer realizes it is satire. From the show's introduction, the audience sees a gigantic globe spinning. While this is happening, the audience hears an invisible announcer that states the date, followed by "from Comedy Central's world news headquarters in New York, this is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” The audience then sees Jon Stewart "scribbling" on a paper, followed by a close up of his face. This is a parody of how news channels always have big, flashy headings in the beginning of every news segment to catch your attention. Jon Stewart exaggerates it to a significant extent so that it makes those headings look ridiculous. The reference to New York mocks the authoritative power of New York-based news stations. The background of The Daily Show mirrors that of a standard news setting. However, Jon Stewart does his show in front of a live audience, similar to talk shows such as Leno’s Tonight Show. This suggests that while it does cover political issues, it is still entertainment. All of these attributes have given the Daily Show a label of “fake news.” However, it is misleading to label The Daily Show as a “fake news” when the so-called “real news” is not as real as News, like any other show, want to get ratings and the only way to get that is to cater to the audience's views to seem credible, or create a reputable ethos. In order to do this, news stations such as Fox News like to point to a case that seem to confirm the position that they take. However, they remove a significant part of related cases or data that may otherwise contradict that position. Correspondents, news anchors, and reporters at Fox News have
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