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IMC Plan Project Sample Outline Executive Summary Macao Fitness was established in the year of 2000 and is the sister company of PNM Ltd. (Power Nutrition Macau). Macao Fitness it’s office staff focused business that will serve in Macau city center. Its specific location is AIA TOWER 4th Floor which is business center of Macau. This area has a lot of potential to reach office staff of different nationalities and age range. The business is based on two main concepts: A) Prepared employees, in the nutrition knowledge and physical health in order to support and inspire the environment and clients. B) The main services will be directed to STAFF WHO WORK IN OFFICE, offering personal trainers, nutrition plans and a variety of programs focusing on their goals. Macao Fitness employees are very selected and qualified. The minimum qualification degree is the personal trainer qualification and CPR. Besides Personal trainers, we will also have competent janitor to maintain the place extremely clean and fresh. Our staff, including the secretary will be polyglot allowing us to reach our clients at the language that the feel more comfortable with. We will include a psychological care check up in our packages specking it to help customers know they can achieve and understand their value. And of course a nutritionist follow up service, allowing our clients to have a personalized diet. Objectives: Our object is to provide professional and nutrition guidance, wellness and fitness assessment, to make them fell confortable and be able to do the exercise properly. Mission: Macao Fitness mission is to help individuals attain one of the greatest gifts of all -- good health. Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable benefits will create tremendous advantages for our clients.

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