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Dadt Synthesis Paper

  • Submitted by: cortney092107
  • on April 26, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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In the past ten years around 17,000 gay and lesbian service personnel were discharged at a cost the US taxpayer of around $500 million dollars. One member of the Legal Defense Network estimates that investigating, expelling and replacing gays or lesbians in the military costs about $30 million dollars annually, and this is the total cost of homophobic discrimination in the US military since the 1950s rests at around $1.5 billion dollars.   This shows that the DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) policy will alleviate a financial burden set on both the tax payers but the US financial crisis as well.
Another topic which has come forth in the repeal of the DADT reform is the prior discriminations gay and lesbian service members went through. The reasons conventionally given to justify the exclusion of homosexual staff from service are that their presence is detrimental to good order and discipline, high morale and unit cohesion, and would therefore severely compromise combat capability. Yet the highest numbers of discharge on grounds of homosexuality regularly occurs after military conflicts or units return from deployments, when those subversive homosexuals in a sense become more dispensable than while deployed in a combat zone.
Although the topic has become a mood point for politicians, the military will take some time to adjust all standard operating procedures already in place. For instance you can be openly gay or lesbian in the military now, and this no longer bars you from entering service. However, the is no set policy on discrimination against the homosexual service member, there is no military pay adjustments being consider for those service members that were legally married in an approving state, like dependent housing allowance like straight military members received, and your homosexual partner will also not receive any monetary financial assistance if you are killed in combat like straight service members have.
Like in the past with discriminations based off...

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