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Composition II Damen Guthrie Project Part 1 Paternity leave is one of the most common leaves of absent in the work place. Now when you hear paternity leave you automatically think woman. As the years have gone by more and more men are taking paternity leave also. The men taking paternity leave yes sounds weird, but it is helping out the women more than you can imagine. Now this is not for a vacation but to help their partner, and to get things situated at their house. As usual, California is at the vanguard of this shift. While the federal Family and Medical Leave Act has long granted up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to mothers and fathers in large and medium size workplaces. In 2002 California became the first U.S. state to guarantee six weeks of paid leave for mothers and fathers. This is financed by a small payroll-tax contribution from eligible workers. Since then, Rhode Island and New Jersey have followed suit with four and six paid weeks, respectively, while other states are taking steps toward similar policies. Some places like Google offers men seven weeks of paid leave; Yahoo, eight; and Reddit and Facebook, a generous 17. The genius of paternity leave is that it shapes domestic and parenting habits as they are forming. While most mothers in the United States now work, many women still see their careers suffer after they became parents. A 2007 study found that 60 percent of professional women who stopped working reported that they were largely motivated by their husbands’ unavailability to share housework and child-care duties. Paternity leave is a chance to intervene at what one study called “a crucial time of renegotiation”: those early, sleep-deprived weeks of diaper changes and midnight feedings. During which couples fall into patterns that turn out to be surprisingly permanent. Paternity leave has also begun to enter the

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