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Ikechi Agumagu P.2 Ms.Chacin Mariano Rivera Panama is located at the southernmost part of Central America. With over 3.4 million citizens, Panama is one of the least populated countries in Central America. Panama City is the capital of Panama and has a population of over 8.8 thousand citizens, making it the most populated city in Panama. An intriguing fact about Panama is that the canal can literally fully generate one-third of Panama’s entire economy using only hydroelectric energy. Panama City is also the only capital city in the world that has rainforests within the city limits. Mariano Rivera is known full his innovative Cutter Fastball, 13 All-Star appearances, 5 World Series victories, 3 MVP awards (in the World Series, All Star game, and American League), 3 time Delivery Man of the Year Award winner, 5 time American League Rolaids Relief Man Award winner, 3 time MLB saves leader, MLB record for career saves, his retired Yankees jersey, and from being one of the biggest bust to the greatest of all time. But, like many of his peers, Mariano started from humble beginnings. He was a fisher, following in the footsteps of his father. He enjoyed playing baseball with his friends using whatever they can find. He decided to join his high school’s baseball team, who had a successful year. One day, their star pitcher was injured in the championship game, and Mariano was called on to play pitcher. He was asked every tasked but that. He was nervous, but Mariano did great. He led his team to a comfortable victory. On that same day a scout from the Yankees was watching and ask him to join their spring training camp. Mariano was in the Minor Leagues for an extraneous period of time. It took him five years to finally be called up to big leagues. He struggled as a starting pitcher, allowing an ERA over 5.00. He was later moved to relief pitcher, where he won

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