Daddy Poetry Essay

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Chuyen Le English 101 Professor Lynn Hodev 06/10/2015 Poetry has been used to express ideas and feelings in the indirect way that is fully know by the poet. However, it is hard for readers to understand those ideas and feelings unless he or she analyzes it intensively. When we analyze poems, we want to find out what meanings, emotions or feelings that poets want to convey to readers. Sylvia Plath is a very emotional writer, and her poem “Daddy” displays a very complex set of emotions. “Plath also uses her writing to unleash her personal feelings, and her signature of describing her life through her work in a way that is not biographical” (Moore , 2008). “Daddy” is one of the poems that leaves the reader with a sense of despair and hopelessness, and the reader questions why the author feels this way. At first, we can assume that Plath is talking about her relationship with her father in this poem. It is obviously named “ Daddy” for a reason, and the emotion of sadness, anger that are projected in this poem should support that assumption. According to Monroe, the founder of Poetry Foundation, Plath’s father was a German immigrant, and he was emotionally separated from his daughter, as well as this, he was a very dominating male. He often took authority over Sylvia and her mother. Plath’s father died when she was eight years old. She did not know him for a long period so that she continuously felt suppressed by him, and angry at the fact he was not present in her life. Her hatred for him is described in the line “Daddy I have had to kill you./You died before I had time-“ (Plath,542). Also she describes her feelings of his death and his treatment on her in the line “But no less a devil for that, no not/Any less the black man who/Bit my pretty red heart in two/I was ten when they buried you./At twenty I tried to die/and get back, back, back to you” (Plath, 544).
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