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When I first met Mrs. Perkins, I had no idea how tremendously she would impact my life. I have been privileged to have her as my band director for three wonderful years. Each day I cannot wait to enter her classroom and play my clarinet. Mrs. Perkins has always encouraged me to pursue music and practice diligently. She sincerely cares for each of her students, and Mrs. Perkins listens to any concerns they might have. She has always done more than required. Mrs. Perkins is also ahead of stage crew, a helper with the school’s musical, and she assists in many assemblies at our school. Ultimately, Mrs. Perkins is an excellent, considerate, and hardworking educator. Mrs. Perkins is a phenomenal band director who introduces her students to the beauty of music. She has the ability to take beginner, intermediate, and experienced musicians and turn them into a successful band. Mrs. Perkins has shown us that music is so much more than notes on a page. As I approach a song, I immediately notice the tone of the piece. Each note means so much. The greatest feeling is that felt after you have placed your whole heart into a piece of music. I would not know these things if it were not for Mrs. Perkins. She helped me to understand how imperative it is to pay attention to dynamics, articulations, and tuning. Even the most difficult piece can be made easy with the help of Mrs. Perkins. Band has always been a way for me to escape my daily worries. It may be the worst day ever, but the moment Mrs. Perkins begins teaching I immediately feel better. She makes each student feel important. When we do well, she often tells us that we deserve gold stars. Mrs. Perkins cares so much about our band, and she believes in each of her pupils. I try to practice each day, and her encouragement motivates me. When working though a hard piece, I tell myself, “Mrs. Perkins believes that you can play

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